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Dec 5, 2012 11:00pm EST
the same players and the players who matter most are the president, speaker boehner. what do we know about the personal relationship that might eliminate what's going on right now? >> they've started out last year when they were working on the debt ceiling and they had buber called the merlot and nicorette meeting come in other words, boehner would have a merlot and obama which you nicorette. >> you point out in the boat somehow when they took the official photo, both of the spanish. >> yes, they had iced tea for obama. of course boehner had a cigarette and they put the cigarette in the ashtray away from the picture. but they haven't closed the deal on the personal relations and that's a shame. i think somebody said this month during your breakfast, you should sponsor a weekly dinner between obama and honor and everyone would agree to pay for it and let them talk and get to know each other. [inaudible] >> john collingwood. that's right. what do you think? [inaudible] [laughter] >> a special round? well, you know it's a personal relationships, when john was the sba spokesman, he was o
Dec 4, 2012 11:00pm EST
cole house speaker john boehner sens the proposal what do you think? >> it is a great opening start makes sarid tangible what the speaker committed to it after the election to the revenue on the table not how much or what way with that is inner misstep by the republicans not something we want to do but what we have to do. the speaker's proposal directs us to real problems that is what drives the debt and you cannot pussyfoot to warsaw office revenue but to have fundamental reform. we like the right and budget this the cure picked up elements of first gambles and i think again in the effort to try to reach across. he needs to get effort to for what will be an active discussion. >> does have violate the pledges to violate taxes? >> it of thing so. keeping tax rates with a hour is the question. you can increase revenue by a more independent system getting away from loopholes. that is something that paul ryan is a leading advocate. i think it is a smart and good proposal if i was pleased to see their pay republican setting off the justice name hopefully the white house knows that means
Dec 12, 2012 11:00pm EST
there is a debate with the boehner plan about the chained cpi and as an economist is there logic and going to that? do think it's a move that should be done separate from the politics of it and again the labor market come he talked about the importance of the 6.5% threshold but the broader conditions and the nemesis -- in your mind what is happening in the job market? are we creating jobs? is that why it's coming down or is it because people, the degree of discouraged workers? what is your sense on how quickly it has fallen because of new employment? >> on the first question, chained cpi versus the fixed-rate cpi, the technical issue, chained cpi is technically better according to most economists because it allows for changes in goods and services that people actually consume more effectively. however more appropriate for social security indexing or not i think that is a political decision. i suppose a rejoinder would be that neither the cpi nor the chained cpi may be a good measure of the cost of living for social security recipients so those are the kinds of questions that congress
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3